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You are destined for greatness!

In a land ruled by strife, the throne stands empty. Will you be the one to rule it? Conquer it and Lead the realm of Toschen into order … or chaos


It was only weeks ago, that the high king Thamos the Third disappeared from his holy seat in the capital Cira of the greatest of realms Toschen. No one know how or why. The rumors of the high kings throne, again stands empty spread from Toschen to the distant relatives to the west Ceardach, and the east Irune igniting the young with blood of the kings in their veins.

The nobles exercised little care in their attempts to find the king; instead, they began warring for the power of the throne causing flauntering money to arms instead of ailments. The internal warring of nobility caused instability among the citizens of Ciro, who turned upon each other for food and water.

Meanwhile… In the shadows, an ancient evil stirs.

As though some unseen force gave word of the king's death to unseen ears in the darkness, odd things began happening. people began disappearing without any trace. Tales of dark forms molding to the anything that right out of your worst nightmare. Tentacles, crawling, hooks tearing the ground and eyes burning bright, hungry for something more. There was no end to it. The roads of the lands stood empty and in all three countries humans were threatened by a force that could lead them to extinction


Take control of YOUR life. You are one of the distant relatives to king Thamos, the blood of a true king runs through your veins. The blood of kings igniting to the threat ahead fuels your powers as you level up and begin to discover the TRAITS of your bloodline.

Play as one of the unique character classes on either side of the warring countries, each specialized to the environment of their upbringing

The land of Ceardach, wetlands with harsh conditions where none but the toughest most stalwart survived. Small communities called tribes spread through these wetlands each with their druid. Their most famed warriors, the berserkers protecting them from the bog creatures and undead menace. Between towns are Wanderers, specialized in creating concoctions of protection and death

The Land of Irune, oceans of sand throng this land, a place where humankind settled near mountains at the edges of the country and at every known oasis with their rich environment. Their channelers of the divine god sun and water protects each of her steeple within the city walls. The most elite of guards trained in the practice of Shala'alark the Snake warrior protecting the high towers of wisdom and banishing the vile scarab enforcers. Within the confines of each city, stands the embalmer an expert in poisons and manifesting the souls of the recently pass for guidance against any foe.

Ascend through the ranks of the country as you fight to restore order in the outer rims of either Ceardach or Irune. Each step of glory gained, brings your closer to Toschen. As you enter Toschen, the battles grow harder and the glory greater.

Delve deep into the social intrigues of the high court as you take battles of words to gain the throne against other players. Explore the complicated mechanics of lawmaking, as you have to take the rights side and gain the majority of trust amongst the favored ones.

Will you join us?


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